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Bonner Private Research is a daily newsletter for people interested in exploring: global financial markets, investing, history, and the deep dark recesses of the human heart.

Our founder, Bill Bonner has been writing to investors every business day for over 20 years. This is the only place you’ll find his work now. 

(Find out why we decided to ‘go private’ after forty years of public spectacle)

Why Subscribe?

After a quarter of a century of burgeoning internet-based investment advice… and all manner of opportunities – NFTs, cryptos, tech breakthroughs galore – investors are swamped by ‘information’ and opportunities. 

But wisdom? It seems to have disappeared.

Where it still appears in residual clumps, like survivors after a world-wide plague, it is furtive… fearful… and almost ashamed of itself. And it is completely upstaged by the gaudy claims of the tech futurists.

One says a new “disruptive” tech will bring 10,000% gains. Another says a pharma breakthrough will allow children born today to live to 200 years old. Still another claims you can double your money overnight.

And maybe they’ll be right!

But we have our doubts. Nature is not so promiscuous as to give out her favors to every Tom, Dick and Harry who buys a newsletter subscription. She knows that real progress… and real wealth... require real work, real investment, real reflection and real self-discipline over what is generally a really long time. So that is our goal. 

What You’ll Get

Bill Bonner has teamed up with Tom Dyson, Dan Denning and Joel Bowman to create Bonner Private Research. Together, they will help you plug your ears with wax, tie yourself to the mast and resist the sirens of easy money and fast profits that lure us all onto the rocks.

As a subscriber here’s what you can expect to get:

  • Bill Bonner share’s a daily missive for those who know that building real wealth takes time and patience. Bill shares his insights as he continues his search for the most precious thing in the financial world – wisdom.

  • Joel Bowman rounds out the week with a recap on Saturdays and then spends Sundays exploring big ideas that impact the investment world in his ‘Sunday Session.’ He also interviews Bill’s private investment intelligence network around the world on the Fatal Conceits podcast.

  • Tom Dyson presents his investment research, including his single-best investing or trading idea, to paying members once a month. (Paid

  • Dan Denning, Bill’s co-author at their previous project (The Bonner-Denning Letter), writes once a week to paid subscribers about the macroeconomic and geopolitical landscape as it relates to our investment strategy. (Paid)

We’re using a new publishing platform because it lets us focus almost entirely on writing and researching. That’s why you don’t find any offers for other services in these letters.  All we have to offer you is ourselves… our research… our guesses and hunches.  Sometimes right. Sometimes wrong. And always in doubt.

Free vs Paid Subscription?

We’ll continue to write in this space… to wonder, to doubt and to reckon daily. Our missives are free, and free for you to share with friend and foe alike. (Please do.) 

Our investment research, however, comes with a small fee… just over a dollar a day. 

We think that’s pretty reasonable, given what you get: access to our private investment network, one we spent the better part of four decades building. Plus, weekly and monthly updates and reports, our very best financial analysis, as well as podcasts, private Zoom calls, transcripts and much more. 

What you won't get is a lot of hype... and mixed messages. That's worth something too. As you see, it’s a whole new path we’re on. We hope you’ll join us.

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Dan began working with Bill Bonner at the Agora Companies in 1998. Dan Denning’s belief in free markets, sound money, personal liberty, and small government have underpinned everything he’s done during his time in the financial publishing industry.