Terminology matters (in other words, selecting words matters in getting the point across).

The “Powers that be” are not “reverse engineering “ the Industrial Revolution. They’re DECONSTRUCTING it. I’m an engineer. Reverse engineering is making the same thing by other means. Deconstructing is DESTROYING the original. Period.

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Indeed, as others have commented; the dirty little secret of biology is that Darwinian evolution is dead. The biologists know it's not possible, and some have developed their own ideas on evolution...which are also demonstrably falsifiable. (There is adaptation, of course, but not a change from one type to another.) I know you are using it as an example of industrial progress, but I think you would have been better off not using Darwin as a springboard.

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A Tour de Force.

Thank You Both.

Small Scale Nuclear is, in my mind, the Energy Density that could/will deliver our next chance from practical extinction.

But the catalyst to gain a new consensus to move this way is shrouded in the distant mists.

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Hopefully you guys know by now that Darwin's theory of evolution is total BS, but if not, please read Darwin's Doubt by Stephen Meyer. Even most current evolutionists don't believe in it anymore.

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DNA is a self contained brilliant intelligence. It is both a self executing program and associated data. Put in the proper environment it replicates into an unimaginable complexity of constructs resulting in life/lives in all its forms. And we, 'the constructs' have yet to understand it. Life is merely a product of a micro intelligence which is much smarter than the life it builds.

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In biology, evolution is an unproven theory. There is no physical evidence of continuously improving

life forms which are progressively more fit and adapted. The theory of evolution might be true in

populations of bacteria which have become progressively more antibiotic resistant after the introduction of antibiotics. But otherwise, there is no proof.

Outside of my area of expertise would be the extension of the theory of evolution into the areas of human intelligence and economics. Evolution has not done away with socialism or stupid people, has it? Brian

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"About the Time of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the Prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition."

Sir Isaac Newton-

May the Lord be praised!

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Darwin was undone by the discovery of DNA. He was ahead of his time, if academia did not have a political agenda, Darwin's writings might be found in the fictional comedy section, or be forgotten altogether.

Piltdown man later identified not as a leg bone of a long ago forgotten human transition form, but a broken section of a Cricket bat. Lol.

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Each time the elite think they know better, economics for example, they have ended up defaulting on their money. See "It's Different this Time" Reinhard and Rogoff showing centuries of economic failures and all efforts failed in some but different ways according to Reinhard and Rogoff's studies.

The elite are trying to get something for nothing.

But I feel compelled to bring up one similar point. In the Origin of Species Darwin talks of farmers selecting the best cows or best vegetables and hence improving the results over time. This is certainly different than deciding there is Climate Change and we must save the earth and life because it cannot be seen as better to avoid the use of energy, oil, at this time. This seems different than Bill's point which I deemed to mean someone designed a better cow or a bigger vegetable. Maybe we could choose a more powerful energy source and that would better match Darwin's point. So far renewables much like ethanol are not as powerful an energy source and require more energy to build than is being produced in the end and at higher cost. The elite may want everyone to buy into their idea but they are Designing the future when they don't know the result. Which is what we are seeing in the energy space.

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Darwin lived, worked, and wrote in the 1800s. While his ideas were groundbreaking (whether you agree with them or not), much has been learned since. In any event, my quibble with your column is not with your comments on evolution itself, but on your application of evolution (that is, it's apparent randomness) to economics. You write as follows:

"People do things. They build their own houses. They choose their own music. They invent. They innovate. They find their own mates, often with no conscious awareness of what they are doing…or why they are doing it. And by combination and recombination things come together, not by any design…but by happenstance. Some things survive. Some don’t."

Really? You make it sound like progress is random, that we are all somewhat like drunken sailors just throwing things together by pure chance. I beg to differ. While progress may be made in many instances by some people tinkering or building upon what others have invented or achieved, it is not a mindless process. Even building a house is not a mindless process. One needs to know what materials are required and how to put them together so the house will be viable. What makes humans different from other species is that we can pass down substantial knowledge to one another which then can be improved upon. Some of this improvement might be from tinkering and luck, but even that requires some amount of mental effort on an individual's part. Other advancements are made by topnotch intellects using the sciences to come up with advancements and inventions. Whether their inventions stand the test of time is irrelevant to the process. It is only from a 50,000-foot perspective that this all seems random. That is, one sees progress without understanding what actually brings it about on a fundamental level. Progress is made by individuals, or individuals cooperatively working together, each of whom is applying his rational mind to understand the facts of reality in order to either solve a problem and/or create new products, services, and solutions to fulfill human needs. It only seems random to someone who chooses not to focus his mind on what is actually going on. Of course, as Ayn Rand would say, there are the "second handers", those who choose not to deal with reality directly, but instead see other people being productive and decide to loot or mooch off of them or otherwise control them. These people are attracted to power - the government - so they can control other people's lives, or if not in government, influence those in government to make laws and regulations to stifle their competition. This, of course, is a different issue altogether and has nothing to do with what brings progress about.

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Pretty much the same as before The people who designed the “current system” don’t know how to fix it. Or lack the political support to change it.

Some argue that we need to return to classical thought. Just laughable!

Try something that worked in the past. Or just listen to smart people.

They don’t get it and never will!

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He is VERY unbiased, VERY evidence oriented, VERY intelligent, VERY highly educated, VERY ETC!!! Evolution religionists will never be convinced no matter what!!!

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I was not going to comment today. I have a ton of work to get through. I played and nattered Monday through Wednesday. Now I have to "pay the fiddler".

Bill, I think you have Socialist leanings: not Communist leanings. That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own "leanings" as long as they allow others to have their "leanings" and points of view. Wouldn't it be HELL if everyone believed the same. We would die from boredom.

I believe Darwin admitted he could be wrong about the Origin of the Species on his deathbed. Life did not spring from some meteor with a germ of Life landing on Earth or any other world. As for me, I believe in the Big Bang Theory. The Spirit rested on the face of the DEEP. God said, "Let there be Light". That is the BIG BANG. The Universe was created by Design. You cannot take some chemicals and put them in some special water and create, by evolution all the Flora and Fauna that exist in the Universe. To begin with, where did the chemicals and special water come from? Life can and does Adapt, A sea creature does not become a mammal or turn into Flora. A Sea creature is a Sea creature, a Mammal is a Mammal, A Bird is a Bird, A Reptile is a Reptile, a Crustacean is a Crustacean, and an Insectoid is an Insectoid. God, your god or mine, is the Creator and Designer. Who knows how much of our time was in the first three "days" It was Eternal Time. It could have been Quadrillions of our years, because it was before our Time was created. Now we have Aliens from Outer Space showing up again. I will be 85 in a couple months. I was 8 in 1947 when something other than a weather balloon crashed in New Mexico. I remember it well. Way too much Hoopla for a crashed weather balloon.

Like Billy Graham said, when he was asked if he believed if there was other life in the Universe, "I don't know. But if there is GOD created it."

Albert Einstein created the Theory of Relativity. It only holds up completely in a space not affected by

Gravity. My belief is that you cannot find a space in this Universe that is completely devoid of some gravity. It is the "glue" that holds things together. The Theory of MC2 works. We proved that in 1945.

Gosh, I am sorry to hear that floppy discs are obsolete. I had a mainframe IBM Computer until 1998. I sold the computer but kept the Floppy Discs. I guess they are valuable antiques now. At the time I sold the IBM Mainframe, there were only two "operating" IBM Mainframes in the US: mine and one in Texas.

Next thing I'll be hearing is that 8-track Tapes and Cassettes are obsolete, and I'll be stuck with three boxes of 8-track Tapes and five boxes of Cassettes.

Lastly, checking my email this morning. I find that our benevolent Library of Congress has prepared a list of Investments that we should or could invest in around the World. The link is below.

https://www.loc.gov/item/2023555922/?loclr=eallr. Just Saying! Florida Jimmy.

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“It's a big con,” writes Dan. “Reverse engineering the industrial revolution and the use of fossil fuels means a lower quality of life for everyone on the planet.", Except for the “rich men north of Richmond”...

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If we came from monkeys, then why are monkeys still around? Hahaha, I love simple childish like arguments that hold water.

Within the realms of the dimensional mind, the brain powers the universal perspectives of reality.

Like a moist bowl of ramen noodles, the brain feels mushy and slimy between your fingers.

Hold on to that thought, the leaping crane snaps the horizontal twig bone. Five swords unmasks the demon of time as it enters the earth through the linear portal, where the raven befriends the crow.

Sabotage oil pipes again, so that the scarce slippy substance up-levels the resource barrel that spin weaves aboard the Mayhem.

It is time for phase II of the operation. An operation that will require precision and power, deep sea level maritime coordination and air support. Toucan Sam will win The Golden Globe Award.

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Intelligent design points to the intelligent designer. I believe the true Almighty God of heaven created the whole universe just as his Holy Word the Bible and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ says is so. Right now even Charles Darwin is convinced the same! Giving any credibility to Darwin’s fantasies is a very dangerous thing. It’s one of the biggest and most influential lies the devil ever sold to man. It can be boiled down to man seeking truth on his own. The arrogance and pride that man can explain life and it’s source leaving Almighty God out of the picture. Although any belief takes a certain amount of faith the scientific discoveries thus far and any yet to come will also point to God and Jesus Christ as creator. I’ll put my faith in the easiest to believe Jesus Christ ,because only He can carrie me on after this earthly death I soon will face. May I ask you o man what power you will have in the hour your death?

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