Feb 19, 2021 • 37M

14 - Dan Denning on the current state of the world, Bitcoin and the Great Reset

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Dan Denning
The Fatal Conceits Podcast is show about money, markets, mobs, and manias.
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In this week’s episode of the Bonner Private Research podcast, I’m joined by my good friend and tireless champion of the individual, Mr. Dan Denning. Today, Dan and I discuss the current state of the world as Bitcoin surpasses the 50k mark, and the disparities between the physical and paper gold and silver markets grow bigger. We also talk about why the Great Reset metaphor is important today, and the future of “permission-based living”. Lastly, we touch on the tension in the United States a month after the inauguration, and the shift in the media coverage since Biden took office. So please, join us for all that and more, in my conversation with Dan, below… Bullet Points 00:50 - Intro: The current state of the world 03:12 - Introducing Dan Denning 03:30 - What do we make of $50k Bitcoin and where to from here? 07:07 - Bitcoin and precious metals as vehicles for investment and speculation 08:27 - Let them eat gold 10:02 - Liquidity glut leads to inflation - food, energy, broader commodities... 12:00 - Texas: One case for energy independence and localization/decentralization 14:34 - What is the Great Reset or Jarh Null and why is the metaphor important today? 18:05 - Disparities between the physical and paper gold and silver markets 18:44 - An update on the Australian Canary down the COVID coalmine and the future of “permission-based living” 21:00 - How urban populations are easier to control than rural populations in times of pandemic panic 22:28 - The tension in the United States: Centralized vs. decentralized response to health emergencies 24:34 - Will you need to be vaccinated to travel? 26:12 - Where does all that stimulus money end up? In Australia, it’s in property 28:45 - The American eater wins again... and the Australian homeowner wins again 31:30 - Biden: The first month… more of the same 32:45 - A month after the inauguration, there’s still troops quartered around the Capitol 32:50 - Biden’s logs, dogs and wife’s scrunchies 34:25 - Is Biden even in charge? Or is he the Trojan Horse for a much more aggressively progressive agenda?