Dec 30, 2021 • 1HR 5M

The Winter Catastrophe of 2022

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Dan Denning
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If you missed the energy briefing earlier today from Bill Bonner, Rick Rule, and Byron King, hosted by our Managing Editor Joel Bowman, we’ve uploaded the audio recording for you to replay at your leisure (it’s just over an hour and five minutes).

It was a high-level discussion of the entire energy complex, from the trends in capital investment (and their impact on future supply) to the myths and narratives about the ‘energy transition’ and what that could mean for oil, gas, coal, and uranium prices in 2022.

The transcript will take a little longer to upload since it needs to be edited. But look for that on Friday, December 31st. A full video recording will be available early next week.

Please excuse a few technical glitches (there were a few spots early on where our speakers were accidentally muted). And of the nearly 500 people on the call, not everyone had used Zoom before. So you may hear a little background noise from time to time.

We’ll make more time for questions next time (there were a LOT of them). In the meantime, enjoy!