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Ronan McMahon on the Post Pandemic Property Boom (you probably haven't heard of...)

Ronan McMahon on the Post Pandemic Property Boom (you probably haven't heard of...)

From Baja California to Costa Rica, Panama to Albania, the Mayan Riviera to Portugal's Silver Coast and beyond...

Welcome to another Fatal Conceits Podcast…

In Episode #78 (yes, it really has been that many…) we catch up with our nominee for “Man with Coolest Ever Job Title”…

Ronan McMahon, International Real Estate Scout.

We’ve known Ronan for almost twenty years now and only a couple of times caught up with him in the same place. Ordinarily (or perhaps extraordinarily), he’s jetting from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula to Portugal’s Silver Coast…

…or snapping up real estate deals (either for his readers or as Bill Bonner’s personal “boots on the ground” property scout) somewhere along the Mayan Riviera or among Costa Rica’s surfer/digital nomad communities…

…or he’s “trying out” resort golf courses in his native Ireland or somewhere in the Caribbean…


Between his own due diligence and his team of international scouts, there are precious few markets on which Ronan doesn’t have the inside track. (I tested this during our discussion by asking him about property in southern Albania… which, of course, he is perfectly up to speed on.)

Now, after two and a half decades beating untrodden paths around the world, Ronan has recently released a book, detailing his exploits, adventures and hard-won lessons from the road. It’s called Ronan McMahon’s Big Book of Profitable Real Estate Investing… and he’d like to send you a copy, gratis (you just have to pay the shipping).

Get Ronan's Big Book (FREE) Here

Whether the international lifestyle is for you or not… whether you’d prefer a bolt hole abroad or closer to home… whether you’re hunting for a place to rest your head or an investment opportunity…

Take a break from the quotidian march for half an hour, pour yourself a copy of coffee (or a glass of wine…) and listen in to Ronan’s globetrotting adventures here, on the Fatal Conceits Podcast.


Joel Bowman

P.S. Know someone who’s always dreaming of a little place abroad… who’s on the lookout for a villa in the Mediterranean or a little cottage by the sea… who’s an unreconstructed romantic with their head in the clouds? Why not share this episode with them! It’s free, after all…

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