Feb 19, 2021 • 41M

02 - Ronan McMahon - Escape the rat race

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Dan Denning
The Fatal Conceits Podcast is show about money, markets, mobs, and manias.
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Welcome to the second episode of the Bonner Private Research Podcast. I'm joined by Ronan McMahon, the international dealmaker devoted to finding the very best real estate opportunities around the world. In this episode we touch on the impact of the pandemic on daily life, and how the current crisis has affected the global real estate market. We also discuss the growing desire to escape the rat race and live a more meaningful life, the benefits of working remotely from another country and how you can buy your dream home without a lot of money. Bullet points 00:50 - Introduction: the desire for a more meaningful life 05:57 - Introducing Ronan McMahon 08:30 - The life of a real estate investor 10:23 - The impact of the pandemic 14:09 - The acceleration of the nomadic trend 16:50 - The impact of current events on real estate value 18:19 - What is a Portugal-style visa? 19:25 - How Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama could implement this program 21:55 - The benefits of working from another country 24:50 - How YourCheapDreamHome was born 32:00 - How the currency and global crisis affect the real estate market 38:57 - A brief anecdote