Bill, the only way you can effectively deal with violent assholes is to use violence or the threat of overwhelming violence.

Going to the "authorities" who are corrupt or intimidated or sympathetic will just lead to more and more violence against you and your property.

You have resources that you are not using. Talk is cheap and worthless against folks who think they can just go on taking from you.

Yes, I avocate using your resources against these bandits and hooligans. By resources, I mean buy some local political officials, police, and strong arm bullies to encourage those who are trying to take what is yours.

Yes, you will need to make some examples of a few. You need to start thinking like the cartel hefes in Mexico. First tell these jerks that you will make their lives very difficult. Then threaten them and their families. Then extort them. Then, if there is no change of behavior, arrange to have some families simply disappear...completely. As in kill them and bury them far far from anyone or any police.

None of this is fun or easy. Either you stand up for you rights and property or you keep having incidents that are disruptive and costly.

You will die of a thousand cuts. They will take your land and you will sneak off and hide in one of your other properties worldwide.

You have been reasonable. You have received unreasonable in return. You have been a good guy and nice man and they have shit on you.

Your choice. Get some enforcers. Or. Sell out and leave with your tail between your legs.

What would a Texan do? Yeah, you know what a Texan would do.

And that is why there is a Texas and it is not part of Mexico.

But, hey, I could be wrong about this.



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Will, you are really 'a chip off the block'. Your Prose is almost as good as your Dad's. Maybe after Bill leaves again, you could keep us posted on the Ranch, Vinyard, Winery, and Originarios. Just Saying! FJ.

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Feb 5, 2023·edited Feb 6, 2023

Sadly, Bill these fake people claiming to be indigenous exist in just about every liberal or leftist controlled Nation. The Originarios are a means to an end of a larger move to dispossess land from the productive and give to the unproductive. These claims invented by the media are taught up by academia giving rise to the masses turning on the productive landowners.

One such people claiming indigenous rights will in the end lead to the end of all things we know today. So prevalent is the lie I would offer possibly no one in this audience knows the truth. I'd even go so far as to claim 95% of the population of North America or even the West knows the truth. Possibly we could exclude the elites of England from this group.

The people I speak of I like to call Fakestinians, you know them as Palestinians. The bane of Israel, truth be known, most all Israelis rarely speak of this due to political correctness. They are know to the world as the Palestinians, those claiming to be so are in fact the lowest class of Jordanian Arabs.

A brief history: The last war of the Jews against Roman rule known as the Bar Kokhba Revolt ended in a crushing defeat for the Jews. Hadrian ordering the Roman province of Judea renamed after the ancient enemy of the Jews or the Philistines. The land originally occupied by the Philistines was located in what is today Gaza. The Greeks in the 5th Century BCE called this area Palestine.

If not for mention of the Philistines found in the Tanakh (OT) nothing of these people would be known today. Historically they were wiped off the face of the earth circa 1069 BCE.

The people today claiming to be Palestinians have sourced quite a few bucks from the world of idiotic humans. These people have gained much, so much while USA claims to be an ally of Israel we forced that nation to give up Gaza as a means to bring peace. Gaza a once thriving coastal area is now a hell hole used to launch rockets into Israel.

Alas the loss of a few bottles of Malbec, and some dusty grasslands in Argentina will amount to nothing. Where the partitioning of Israel's West Bank as part of a two State solution will fulfill the prophecy in Isaiah 17:4 this in turn will usher in the end of the world as it currently exists.

“And it will actually come to pass in that day that the size of Ya’aqob (Israel) shall be decreased to the point of no longer being sustainable or viable, and the fattest, best protected, and most important place at the midsection of his body shall be leaned, shrinking in size, sacrificed in a counterproductive and unsustainable manner in the cause of pagan gods and as part of the hidden agenda of diseased dignitaries.” (Yasha’yah / Isaiah 17:4)

What will follow; A massive offensive by the Muslims bent on complete eradication. The end result of their actions or after the smoke clears will be the end of them, and ushering in of a thousand years of peace in Israel or the fulfillment of Sukah. Sadly most of the world's population will not be there to experience world peace.

In short when Adam fell and entered the world a means of reconciliation was created to restore his ancestors to the Garden. I write this in hope the remnant of these will wake up and seek their creator before it is too late.


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I tried to order some of your lovely sounding wine but couldn’t give a UK address which is a shame. Is it possible to make your wine available to your international audience?

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No Sunday Sesh?😑

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Hello. I see a few comments and agreement with my comments from Canadians if that helps. Maybe this is something that you can explore

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Bill you have to watch the mini series Yellowstone with Kevin Costner he takes the troublemakers to the train station it’s about him keeping and holding on and fighting for his massive land in Yellowstone it’s a great series you won’t be disappointed find the timeI know you have trouble getting signals there if you can’t watch it then buy the series on DVD or whatever so that you can watch it the troublemakers need to go to the train station keep up the good writing we love you Willam Dickie

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Bill & Will

wines can you ship to Australia? and also given my age not sure I can guarantee club membership in advance .. life for some of us is day by day maybe week or month although the Malbec should extend that right ..? lets hope so! thanks this is probably not the right place to ask this question but unable to locate Will's email address ..

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Would love to know if this can be shipped to Canada or to Mexico? I know this is a long shot request! Hopefull wine lover

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Would love to get my hands on some of this Malbec. As there is no shipping to Canada, guess will just have to wait for a trip to Argentina!

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Please explore the possibility of shipping your wine to Canada. I ordered one and ship it to my brother in Chicago but I won’t see Malbec until summertime when they come for a visit 😂...

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Feb 6, 2023·edited Feb 6, 2023

We all have to remember, that Bill and by logical extension, his family, espouse the philosophy of neutrality. Not empire building. So going out and proactively terminating people who "might" be damaging their property, is most likely, not going to happen.

Bill and family are there to live in what some might deem, a god forsaken place. And for others, a fabulous getaway. If you don't know where it is, it is actually pinned in Google maps. To get a great idea of how desolate and remote their ranch is, employ Google Maps and All Trails.

1. In Google Maps, type "Bonner Ranch, Salta, Argentina"

2. Once you find it, zoom out

3. Next, to find a way to the nearest big town, click on "Directions" in the sidebar

4. Type "Salta Salta Province, Argentina" as your Starting location.

5. You should get a mostly blue line stretching from Salta to Bonner Ranch, a distance of 251km. And 7hr 16 min of travel. I don't know about you, but where I live, we can pretty well travel that distance in about 2.5 hrs. So why the disparity? Mountains. And trails for roads.

6. In the bottom left hand corner of Google Maps, click on "Layers" and select "Terrain"

7. In the left hand sidebar, note that the trip from Salta to Bonner Ranch via RP33 and RP53 will take 7 hr and 15 min. Click on details.

8. Note that while the trip from Salta to Molinos will take 4hr to traverse 182km, the trip from Molinos to the ranch will take 3.2hrs to traverse 69.1km (average of 21km/h).

To give you an idea how desolate this area is, alltrails.com, the world's leading trail website, has only 2 trails anywhere in the vicinity of Bonner's Ranch. And only 1 headed towards their ranch, the Colome - Tacuil trail. Which is a further 40km south and into the mountains. That trail's description says it all:

"Get to know this 26.7-km out-and-back trail near Molinos, Salta. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 7 h 1 min to complete (walking). This trail is great for hiking and scenic driving, and it's unlikely you'll encounter many other people while exploring."

What is my point?

As you read in Will's missive, the Bonners are on their own out there. They will have to learn and adapt how to live with the originarios as access to police or any assistance of any sort, is hours away. As Will wrote, seldom do the originarios hurt people. They make noise and yes, damage property. But to this reader's knowledge, they have not made any demands as of yet. They are trying to use scare tactics, but they know as well as the Bonner family, that if the Bonners disappear, the area would be even less attractive to live in, than it currently is.

We just returned from a trip to Argentina. We spent time in Buenos Aires, El Calafate on Lago Argentino near the Perito Moreno Glacier Walkways , El Chalten and the Laguna de Los Tres trail (the most hiked trail in all of South America) and Ushuaia, the largest city near the end of the world (penguins and the Beagle Channel). Wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful adventures and sights to behold. No wonder Bill and family have put roots down here, albeit, tucked away from most of the rest of its 45 million inhabitants, plying a trade creating something of value, out of the dust of the Andes.

The orignarios want something. That something is yet to be determined.

Blind violence and not giving in because of principle alone, will not solve anything. Remember the incident with the bull and police car, because the local police sure do.

Eventual dialogue, give and take, consideration of where they are and the fact that the originarios will not be going away any time soon, plus compromise will eventually bring peace to their current dilemma.

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