A few years ago John Mauldin was writing about a global "Year of Jubilee", when the central banks of the world just make half their debt (or so) disappear. Like magic.

I haven't kept up with Mauldin but I can see something like that happening this decade.

As far as "destitution or revolution", count me in on the revolution. It is really difficult for me to watch what the Biden admin and all the other woke, progressive idiots are doing to our country without wanting to pick up the musket.

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The Argentine government can get its overpaid, unemployed welfare recipients working again.

They just have to provide the authority to issue welfare funds to firms that need employees. And a tax break to the firms who dispense the funds on behalf of the government to welfare recipients.

The program is simple: To receive a welfare payment, the once idle recipient must first work for it.

The Argentine government can dress up this method of transfer payments by wrapping its flag around them. "Glory to the Worker" even "Make Argentina Great Again." Or help your neighbor, the firm down the street. Or, it can go Full Bold by declaring a national emergency.

In time, and as soon as some bright person can create a formula whereby the more profitable the firm, the more it uses its funds to displace monies it receives from the government, the once welfare recipient can become a full fledged tax payer and treated as a Hero of the Argentine.

Really. Give 'em medal or some recognition just like the US does for its welfare recipients who have graduated from receiving rent subsidies from the government to home owners

Eventually the No Work; No Benefit will take hold and the Argentine work ethic will be treated as once lost-now found. You're welcome

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Are we on the road to Argentina? I don't know the answer, but the USA seems to me to be heading in an even WORST direction. There is a growing level of social distrust in politics between the right wing and the left wing and toward most institutions. As trust declines, I believe you reach a point where the whole system breaks down. If that happens, we will need more than wheelbarrows to survive. MY two cents...

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Churchill said; “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried."

Is Argentina showing this not to be true? Populism, appealing to the ignorant through promising freebies appears to be the easiest way to win the vote and stay in power until, as Maggie Thatcher said of socialist governments. they run out of spending other peoples' money,


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Democrats and Joe Biden SAY the Economy is doing great.

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Goldman Sachs economist Jan Hatzius on Monday. “Banking is not just another sector of the economy because financial intermediation is vital to every sector. As a result, addressing stress in the banking system is the most immediate concern and must take priority over other less urgent goals for the moment.”. BARRONS

Let’s get our priorities right, Dudes !

Banks 1st, everyone else, JUST BACK OFF !

And by the way, Ol’ ‘JoeB-One-Cannot-B’

agreed over breakfast-

“Yes today the Sun has come up once more,

I am still alive, it will be another fine time to chat to Hunter about ... now, what was it again?”

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correction: the business KEEP the money

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FDIC should insure $250K. If you is dumb enough to put more in one bank you should lose anything over $250K.

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Vote out the democrats or nothing will change. They simply cannot effectively govern the country. Elect Trump in 2024 and give him a majority in Congress. That will fix it.

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