I agree with Bill's pov that no nation should wage war against other but in a less than perfect world both Washington and Moscow have waged war for reasons that did not involved a direct threat to their national security but appealed to the political hardliners and generals.

Nine decades ago another dictator rose to power promising to unit all the German speaking under a new Reich and to right the wrongs of the Treaty of Versailles. France and Britain did nothing for 7 years until 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland. Had France and Britain acted sooner would Hitler have been able to wage war across Europe in 1940 - 1945?

Putin has stated that the fall of the USSR was the greatest geopolitical tragedy in Russian history and his goal is to recreate the USSR with all the Russian peoples living in the newly expanded Russian Federation. Had the world did nothing with the invasion of Ukraine would Putin be considering an attack on Eastern Europe or the Baltic states believing that Western Europe and the US would consider appeasement over WW3? What would be the global ramifications to world peace of such an event would occur?

For the sake of the Ukrainian people I pray that both sides will be able to agree to a cease fire and peace soon. If the war escalates beyond Ukraine/Russia our worst nightmares will not come close to the horrors that nuclear war will bring.

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Keep in mind, Bill, that ordinary Ukraine people are simply trying to live their lives without being bombed, shot, or whatever. They, like us, want to just get up in the morning and go to a job and earn enough to support their families. Well, that is not happening. Russia is killing Ukraine's citizens. They are bombing and using artillery barages to wipe out everything in their path. They are cutting off humanitarian aid shipments. They are cutting off water and medical supplies and food. These Ukraine people are not pushing to be in NATO. They were not Russian haters...until now. They are just in the way of a killer. Too bad, you may say. That is their problem. Yes, it surely is. But I can almost guarantee that Putin will not stop at Ukraine. Why should he? He wants it all. All the lost USSR states. All the EU. All period. Full Stop.

When it comes to all-out war, China will side wtih Russia. Why? Because Russia has resources that China wants/needs. And China had a war with Russia, remember? The Sino-Soviet border conflict was a seven-month undeclared military conflict between the Soviet Union and China in 1969, following the Sino-Soviet split. Now they have a Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation Between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation (FCT) is a twenty-year strategic treaty that was signed by the leaders of the two international powers, Jiang Zemin and Vladimir Putin, on July 16, 2001.

WWIII and the Greater Depression? Connect the dots, Bill.

The world is not a safe place right now. Not for Ukraine and not for the U.S.A.

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Mar 14, 2022·edited Mar 14, 2022

Bonner Private Research’s beat is money, right? And in terms of money, Ukraine shouldn’t matter much to Americans, especially compared to Russia, right? I’ll bet Poland, Lithuania, and several others don’t matter much (in terms of money) to Americans, either. And I can imagine Mr. Putin would be attracted to them for similar reasons as those for Ukraine, regardless of the destruction and human suffering involved.

The Russians are brutes? Perhaps. I’m old enough to have seen this show many times before. I had hoped that I wouldn’t see it again.

And if there are governments (like Ukraine’s?) that don’t warrant defense from invasion because elements of extremism or corruption exist within them, I can think of others, one much closer to home, that might crack under much less. Should we not defend it?

And the comedian Zelensky? Perhaps the media have painted him with a hero’s brush, but he had the chance to run and he stayed. He even seems to genuinely care about his country (perhaps Soros is paying him a lot?). Regardless, from what I’ve seen, I’d take 537 of his ilk over the political jokes we have in office.

I’m certainly not a member of the “EEE” and I don’t stand with, or believe in, the “liberal world order”. I must just be one of those folks who wants to be fooled. Thank you for pointing that out.

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" The war in itself is nothing remarkable "

Are you out of your b.....y mind ?

Ask the thousands already dead and the 2.5 - 3.0 million Ukrainians who have already fled with many more to come to Western Europe.

YES the Russians ARE committing dastardly War Crimes , your belittling this totally unprovoked

invasion - shelling of hospitals and apartment blocks is simply mind boggling -

What is there " to observe, study or understand "????

I'm afraid on this issue you've simply lost the plot - unsubscribing - $ 100 wasted

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A respected, 'tell it like it s" reporter on Substack is Matt Taibbi.

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Ukraine has been fighting a war for 8 years in eastern part of the country with Russia as the attacker. They gave their Nuclear weapon away to Russia and got a deal that Russia should not attack them. Putin is dreaming of USSR.

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it might be "jackassery" to some until your ass is being shot at .. all sides of ALL arguments or battles have some 'might' on their side .. in this case the real might is with the biggest mafioso who also happens to have lots of nukes and that makes them Yanks/Nato permissive shit scared "oh we don't want to start a real war just a pretend one that we can watch each night on channel X and moan about but no fighting please we're for freedom of expression as long as its our version of expression .. either side of this or any other conflict is always about something eh .. so stick to the MONEY$$ side of it a forget about political commentary since you're going to piss off half of your listeners and in either case there is no victory of any real substance until the fire is right outside your door and then its to late to BS about whatever just stick to your knitting and shoot to kill when the time comes .. unless the nukes start flying and then we'll see what sort of zero impact we humans have had on this third rock from Sun ?

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The back end of this commentary tells the whole story. The world is against Russia and its villainy until the “pocketbook pain” becomes too much to bear. Then the narrative will change again, most likely 60-90 days prior to US midterm elections.

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ENOUGH! He, him, his. Do you think half the world’s population want to play men’s games of mine, mine, mine. Women pay the price of supporting war games and raising men for the battlefield to become poker chips for leaders who need power. You never factor in, half of humanity essential for survival of the species does not seek war but will fight to the end to protect their (her) offspring. Frankly you seem to never factor in women at all.

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The Liberal elites are simply the same sort of people as were the kings and queens, lords and earls. Their time of waring amongst each other came and passed. No need of keeping the slaves or serfs on the property. The serfs won their freedom, it was best simply to allow their freedom, and create a government, a church, and the guise of free elections. How is our modern age any different we only think we're free, our homes are owned by the taxman, our money is owned by the government. Government is the king and queen it's composed of the barons, lords, and earls. The churches are not free nor would they desire to be such with freedom comes taxes. Religion of all flavors has always been the front line of defense for the elites. Public schools destroyed education, the churches destroyed the process of weighing evidence and making an informed rational decision. We have come to a time wherein the new religion of social secular humanism with its mantra of political correctness has created 2 generations of fools, with the oldest generation coming to understand their wisdom has no value, best to keep quiet.

There is no going back because those on all sides claiming to be the moral majority, patriots, tolerant, seeking justice, and freedom have no idea what these terms mean, or how to implement them. The only way of going back will be a great resent and this can only happen if. the entire system were to be burnt to the ground. We' have to return to Eden and be vigilant to stone anyone seeking a rule instead of lead.

I can understand why Bill Bonner has a home in Ireland, it is one of the only places I know of in Europe where a man's home is his castle. During a recent visit to explore the old family lands near Shannon Airport I learned there is no real estate tax in Ireland at least in southern Ireland.

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The reason we should care about Ukraine is because barbarians from Russia have triggered most of the planet with WW2 style atrocities and deliberate destruction of hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods to depopulate Ukraine and conquer it. Americans have less of an oar in this water than Europe, which seems to have forgotten the late 1930s and 40 million dead in a horrifying genocide. It's got nothing to do with being liberal....it's about being rational...if you embolden a homicidal, egomaniacal psychopath by allowing him to seize countries, kill their people, destroy their homes, threaten nuclear war, arrest people who are telling the truth, you encourage more of the same. Bill, keep it up and you'll lose most of your readers. Some of us remember what happened to Europe from 1930s to 1945. You're a student of money but not a student of history. Wars make money go bad. I'm surprised by your latest piece. Jeff Kassel

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The Russian/Ukraine fight would seem to matter to regular Americans because of the chance of NATO getting dragged in. Other than that it's just fodder for bleeding hearts that comply with their colleagues, right? A basic non event in the scheme of things.

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I was troubled by your use of "liberal" as a corrosive slur. I don't believe there is a "liberal" world order but only, as always, a monied world order. The old, money is power and power insures survival; fairly basic stuff no need to go to conspiratorial claptrap. Going forward for a nation to be a nation with respected territorial boundaries and the ability to make its way among nations freely provided it plays by the rules agreed upon should be supported by all signatories. The question is only, what is Ukraines crime and what is Russias? It really isn't that complicated, there are times the high road is quite obvious if somewhat torturous.

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All should be aware that trying to "LOOK" strong no matter the side chosen for the coming voting, biden is trying to confuse the unwise voters so they will vote for the commie., demos, left. This ploy has been used many times, it is a good trick and works most of the time, i.e., don't change sides in the middle of conflict. RALPHE

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Bill, you enjoy being provocative and I enjoy that. But this latest piece is a bit far. The indiscriminate bombings and the "peace keeping" operations of Russia is beyond defensible or justifiable. Yes, Russia had some legitimate concerns about NATO missiles surrounding and up against its borders. And no,

I would not put much faith in the intelligence or restraint of the dolts elected lately in the US to have fingers on buttons and spending accounts without limits. But that does not justify whats going on in Ukraine now, and in fact will make for the opposite effect of what they were worried about. Please be cautious about appearing to excuse such stuff.

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Dear editor, what a language! Excuse me, but I am more dependent on dictionary than ever. The Oxford one is to no avail (EEE is messing with words and invented a politically correct language (OMG!) and it could be your language has been censored or treated like strange cultural minority) and I would be pleased if you could recommend pari passu which dictionary is adequate to use for your vernacular. I am truly interested in a good translation because I suspect that you are driving your points, sometimes dots, home with more ease using this, well, language. Atentamnete

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