I know what God wants;thats easy. He wants all men to come to the knowledge of the truth. How do I know? His word tells me. Have a blessed day.

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Totally agree with your analysis. At this stage the only really interesting part is the Timing. That as we know is the stayout zone for pundits. I continue to believe that the level of market manipulation and artificial support is higher than it has ever been in history, by a long shot. The Blackrocks and Fidelitys and Vanguards and Calpers and JPM Chases now make synchronized swimmers look like the keystone cops. What does that mean? Who knows, but it could mean that the levitation act goes on much longer than any of us could have ever conceived(already has!). It also would imply that when they finally lose control, which is an immutable law, the crash is likely to be spectacular. But the buildings in NYC are tall enough to handle it.

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Bill, Thanks. You made me feel better; that its OK to have prejudices. I am full of them. Overflowing actually.

Too much government; too many rules; too many people on this planet; too many wars; too many TV channels; too many frolicking in the government trough; too many cars and trucks on the roads, too many choices for starters

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Yes. folks always prefer their own. There used to be a little rhyme which expressed this quite well:

Birds of a feather

Flock together

And so do sheep and swine..

You may keep to your company

And I will keep to mine.

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My observation is that everyone is racist to some extent. It’s a matter of degree, not a binary choice.

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Imagine a day when “they” take away your voice and silence you from freely expressing yourself!

You don’t have to imagine anymore, just show up to work like Wenner and express statistical and mathematical facts, such as “great music whites are more forthcoming” (surveys), or that poverty levels are more prevalent in minority groups such as Blacks and Latinos.

You can’t fire me for saying that because I don’t give a fuuuuuuudge!!! Hahaha

“One more for the good guys” Sweeeeeet! 🤘🏻

(Scott Hall)

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Another view of Jan Wenner adds a few details to the story - it's totally his choice who to write about, but interesting that his choices were long time friends and serial repeaters on the "cover of the Rolling Stone". They are all recognized as "GOATS" in their corners of the music world, but if you're repping your picks as the best of the best, maybe a mention of the fact that they're also buddies would help make it clear that your criterion wasn't only based on the qualify of their work. And if the Hall of Fame happens to think that there are some other folks out there who are equally good, they can disagree with you. And even outvote you. Whoever wrote the story that made the headlines was pitching a definite point of view that didn't need to be front and center.

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wow even the comments were great .. getting to like to reading them .. maybe there is hope after all ?

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The Fed and Congress are both equally in this government manipulation of the economy. Consider it a “Marriage” of sorts. One is Fiscal Policy and the other is Monetary Policy

They have to work together to Right the Ship of State.

Unfortunately, one is Spending/Borrowing out the wazoo; while the other is trying to Restrain that spending/borrowing.

An unhappy divorce is needed!

Let the chips fall where they may!

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Thanks for sharing “the really important stuff”.

If you and your better half ever decide to come visit us in the Westcountry of England, I promise to not serve fish as the main course!

Teasing Aside...keep up the great work and education efforts.



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Just absolutely SUPER missives from both Bill and Joel ! well done again gentlemen .. my only concern was the old analogy of when you add 33,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or there about's to the 'swimming pool' of money, then aren't we all floating just a bit higher in pool ? when the waves at first are a lot smoother yet bigger, one can feel the massive increase in momentum as they roar into shore and how much further up the beach they travel passing all the previous tide lines .. I guess none of us are exempt from the ever rising sea level of money ? I've thought of moving up higher into the mountains but the old surfer in me loves the salty smell and roar at the seashore .. even tho my hearing for human voices seems to diminish according to dear wife ..

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Good prose and good analyses. Prejudice is color-blind and race-blind, humans are not. Animals are different. The higher life forms, including mammals feed on the lower life forms and Humans feed on all life forms,

Flora and Fauna. That is the way it was designed. If there are Aliens, which I doubt there are, and if they are very much different than Earth-life, I think our first response would not be to welcome them with open arms. I think our first response would be aggression; like our response to reptiles and insects: snuff them if we can. But wait, If some beings are so advanced to travel across this planetary system or from outside the Solar System, then I am sure they are advanced enough to protect themselves and probably harm us.

Why all of a sudden do we have a Space Force? Why are other Nations studying on creating a Space Force. Is it another space race? Is it just to shoot down Satellites so they will not crash on Earth. Most of them are small. Most of them small and large burn up in the atmosphere on reentry. Thirty years in the past there were reports of UFO's all over the world. Is that "one-upmanship' or they saw one, so we got to see one also? That's just my thinking and point of view. History kind of bears that out. The Indigenous people in the New World were no match for the colonizers from the Old World and you see what happened. Just Saying! Florida Jimmy.

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Sep 22·edited Sep 22

Powell reminds me of the man behind the curtain the Wizard he is not, but pulling the levers and pushing the knobs at the Fed the fire and smoke are sure to be increasing.

A person who has not developed their prejudices is short lived person. When I see a group of youths talking loudly and carrying baseball bats walking towards me at 9 pm I tend to cross the street, maybe put my hand on the 9mm. They walk by under a street light, a sigh of relief it's a winning baseball team headed back to the bus. Do I feel bad? Nope.

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Not on this so much but the book. The 50's were great for America because they had 75% of GDP since the rest of the world had been destroyed by wars, no europe, no Russia or Japan. I love the book so far but I feel that was an important bit that wasn't mentioned. I lived through the time frame and definately miss it. We won boxing, basketball, the Olymp[ics and money was good. Reminded me of Australia in the late 70's.

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