Your 7 points can be summed up in a much simpler and succinct fashion. One that I believe is more useful to those trying to navigate the tricky waters of today.

Put more simply and succinctly: They Want You Dead.

Do Not Comply.

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What I want to know is how much carbon dioxide was released to the environment by the multiple face lifts, breast implants, tummy tucks, and butt surgery performed on the "ageless" 85 year-old Jane Fonda. What a waste! It is especially disgusting when you think of the millions of people in the world with clef palates and other physical deformities who would truly have their lives transformed by cosmetic surgery. Most of them are "people of color'". Talk about racism!

BTY, Smile Train (smiletrain.com) is a worthwhile charity that provides free surgery to correct clef palates for children around the world.

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coincidentally I am also off to a paradilla steakhouse here in northern NJ. My partner's parents are from Argentina and they enjoy nothing more that taking friends and family to their local fav. Buen Provecho Joel!

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Joel, you did a fabulous job with this. Very clever and insightful.

Having said this; I must re-authenticate you to be sure that it is you. I would send you a missive allowing this reasonable request, but, you have not provided your email directly to me.

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Whether you completely agree with Joel or not the humour is just delicious - talking of which you can have your ribeye and a side of crickets or Whitchitty grubs ....

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Al gore is screeching all the way to the bank. Anyone who believes his drivel should look at how he makes his money.

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We are many, wake up and stand strong


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George Carlin was right, the panet is fine its the people that are F.....d

So the question I have, is, who, exactly, is funding these muppets. Any guesses ?

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The biggest problem in the world today is not climate change or debt or lack of potable water or even consensus about what is right and what is wrong, right or left.

No, the biggest problem is that there are too damn many people in the world. And those people are reproducing and making more people. People require and demand resources.

The obvious solution is to reduce the number of people on earth...by putting them in the earth!

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding as I write this.

There should be a fifth horseman: Insanity.

In fact, insanity seems to be gaining on the other four.

When you put too many rats in a cage they start becoming more and more aggressive and killing one another. They become essentially, insane.

Does this sound familiar at all? It should.

Look around your. Crazies everywhere. Not just in the U.S. either. Irrationality is everywhere. It doesn't seem to matter if people are living in abundance or abject poverty. Or what level or class you occupy. Craziness is everywhere. And there seems to be no cure in sight.

Just like the rats in the cage, we must find a quiet corner and try to survive the madness.

It is not hard to see and hear what is happening. One need only watch the nightly news a couple of days or watch people go right through stop lights regularly or beat their mate to death. The insanity at the top of the elites is just an easy example set before us.

If I were religious, I would say that the devil is loose in the land. We do not see him but we see his influence everywhere.

So, we can be part of the craziness or take a step back from it and sort out our own lives and try to be rational while the rest of the world bangs its head on the wall in desperation and hopelessness.

As for me, well, I write crazy letters to crazy private research services.

It is fun to think out loud.

Keep calm and carry on. Seems like a lesson to learn and practice.

Oh, and don't worry about using too many resources and thereby destroying the environment. We will all be using less because there simply is not enough to go around. That is the New World Order or Reset or whatever you want to call it these days. Where you like it or not: We are all in this world together. And it is beginning to suck big time.

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“If you’ve got the time, and don’t mind being spoken to as though you just flunked first grade coloring class, have a listen to the Vice President of the United States of America explain electricity, here.)”. If you have never heard our fake VP Kamala speak to her masses before, you are missing one of the most entertaining clowns( other then her boss) placed into office. When both speak publicly, you realize right away they are communicating with their voting base. The majority of which have no education, and are truly dumber then rocks or mentally ill. Either way the cult of stupidity has taken America from world leader, to third world shithole. Yes, many republicans have helped along our road to hell, but didn’t they once have good intentions? Doubt it..

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Joel. you need to delete your Google search engine and switch to Duck Duck Go. The same query on DDG brings up multiple reports on our #1 Traitor, Jane Fonda blaming climate change and other things on racism. And Duck Duck Go doesn't track you or sell your info to advertisers...

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Disturbingly funny!

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Joel, Sad,its comical but sad,and we wonder why we are in such a world mess. Thanks Joel for imput.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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“Multi-talentless” 😂👍🏻

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Did anyone ever consider checking Ice core samples and tree rings? Did any of the "Choosen" Davos crowd ever think that this is a natural cycle of the earth--and yes, alas, even those mortals don't live long enough to observe the changes the earth goes through naturally? I think the inconvenient truth is we are waking up to a higher truth and the Hindenberg they've been flying in about to go down in smoke--and hopefully into the ocean with a few of them aboard and the rest of us can band together and live in peace--eating real food and living as happily as we possible can. We are the many--and they are the few! Resist their perverse and deadly agenda!

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If the climate were cooling instead of warming these same misguided elites would be telling us to increase our carbon footprint to further their agenda of increasing their own net worth.

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