And on my continuing refrain that our overlords are sawing off the limb they are sitting on, we learn that tax revenues for the current fiscal year, ending in 2 weeks, are projected to drop 13% from last year. The tax increases loaded into the Inflation Reduction Act, combined with Biden’s deft handling of the economy, were supposed to prevent that from happening. We are told that is a record drop and only the 7th time in 63 years that tax revenues have fallen from one year to the next. What else should we hire these geniuses for? Oh I almost forgot, we didn’t hire them.

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Joel writes "cheeky tendency". I doff my cap here. It's gems such as these that justify, if such were needed, my investment here. May all of our tendencies be "cheeky". Best always. POM

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I have a pet peeve about charts with misleading axes. The SPR chart shown here does not need to be adjusted to make the point. By having the vertical axis basically at the low of the last few years, at first glance the chart seems to show that the SPR is almost empty, rather than the correct representation of it being down roughly by half, which would be obvious if the vertical axis were set at zero. Maybe YCharts doesn't offer this option...

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And the new CPI (faux) estimate does not yet reflect increasing oil product costs we know are already happening. Look out next month?

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Prophetic Insights into to The Pathetic.

Keep Going Lads.

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Borrow, spend or save is the question. Well the action depends on one’s situation.

Example: if one is starving to death, then spend is the answer. Even borrow if you have nothing to spend.

But definitely not save.

Conclusion: our Federal Govt is starving to death.

Logical Answer: they are starving for votes. And will do anything to get more votes.

Reason: when they get a majority of votes. They get rich!

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Excellent insight is my take. Here on the continental divide I can see winter coming.

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Enough of this economic BS, based on BS information, based on BS past history, based on the BS of those who wrote it...Why worry about myth's of life that will never be in our control, nor the control of our leaders?... when we really have serious contemplations...

"Speaking to GB News, one of Donald Trump’s former economic advisors Steve Moore warned that a financial crash could be imminent."

"You almost have to admire the brass of the Biden White House. The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that Americans are poorer under Bidenomics, and the President quickly changed the subject to blame Republicans for rising child poverty on his watch. As usual, too many in the press corps bought the spin. Mr. Biden is trying to avoid the real story, which is that the Census Bureau says median household income adjusted for inflation fell last year by $1,750 to $74,580. It is down $3,670 from 2019. Households in the fourth income quintile—those making $94,000 to $153,000—lost $4,600 in 2022 and $6,700 since 2019. Middle-class Americans who think they’re losing ground are right."

"As Americans fend off a late summer COVID-19 spike and prepare for a fresh vaccine rollout, Republicans are raising familiar fears that government-issued lockdowns and mask mandates are next."

"A dominating duo in the world of women’s cycling has sparked huge concerns about the fairness of the sport. Why? Because this team is biologically male!"

"Human actions have pushed the world into the danger zone on several key indicators of planetary health, threatening to trigger dramatic changes in conditions on Earth, according to a new analysis from 29 global scientists in eight countries."

"Colin Kaepernick’s agent reached out to the New York Jets after Aaron Rodgers, season ending Achilles injury in Week 1. An Undisputed cast decides if Kaepernick would be a suitable replacement for Rodgers."

"Several warnings, including flash flooding and powerful storm surge advisories, were enacted Wednesday in preparation for the effects of Hurricane Lee as it approaches land this weekend."

"Because parents pass it along, most people understand what personal responsibility is. But increasingly, that is no longer true. Intentionally or not, recent Democratic policies are weakening the habit of personal responsibility."

"China has announced it is unilaterally forging greater ties with Taiwan, on the same day its military enveloped the island in navy and air force drills."

"Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall warned that President Xi Jinping is amplifying China’s military strength and gearing up for a potential conflict with the U.S."

Yes, we can go on forever with these myth's and bullshit, but remember, it's only bs if you believe it!

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If every country in the world joined in a global effort to duplicate and build the Great Pyramids of Giza, that operation would bankrupt the entire world. It simply cannot be done. That is where the magic happens. Hahaha!

When ships collided, quantum mechanics stretch the limits of nano fabrics. I am creating dendrites through the incarnation process of Turmak. The smoke mountain splits the Earth with molten rock and deviates the space time continuum.

1 + 1 = 2 when the mind reverse opposite polars. There is always a first time in the eternal shimmer, 2 crows work in unison to extract numerous worms from the Earth’s surface, multiple beaks are more difficult to approach, when the wolf howls in the night.

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Bill and Joel, 2+2=4. Anything added is ego bullshit.

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“There's no climate emergency. And the alarmist messaging pushed by global elites is purely political. That's what 1,609 scientists and informed professionals stated when they signed the Global Climate Intelligence Group's "World Climate Declaration." Yesterday we read the 29 scientists said that world is ending 🤔 we don’t know who is right or wrong, but only the fact that someone is spreading misinformation, myths and BS 🤔 as the world turns…

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