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To our "government", our "leaders", our "elite" and the Left in general:

So how do I stop the cart and get off this ride?

What if I want to just "opt-out" of the game that has become so very rigged, just in the subjectively "short" span of time that I have been an adult?

Live and let Live - ok, so y'all go do your thing. I just want out and then to be left alone, and I, in turn, will leave you alone. Why can you not agree to such generous, equitable terms?

I'm willing to fend for me and mine, even from within your fraudulent system when a situation arises where it is absolutely necessary and no alternatives exist. Meanwhile, keep your evil hands off my family, money and abilities and we can continue the charade of playing nice together.

Unfortunately, I realize that by your very Nature you can't and won't leave the actual normal, productive people out of your inevitable National and Cultural suicide. Yet you will never see this Reality for what it is, and that will be your undoing.

Due to your hubris and stupidity this is NOT going to end well for either of us...

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I spent many years banging my head against the wall and saying "how can these people be so stupid/incompetent?".

The head-banging stopped when I accepted the fact that the people behind this are not incompetent at all. The "chaos" that has become common is all according to their plan. Klaus and the WEF participants are pleased!

There are many facets to the plan. Here are but a few:

If you are not familiar with ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, it is worth your time to see what he exposed approx 40 years ago. Few listened. It also goes a long way to explain how academia was captured.

Be reminded that true Capitalism is Marxism's worst fear. A successful and growing middle class removes the possibility of revolution. Viva la revolución!! - as the "trained" marxists like to say. Violent revolution is an essential element for the faithful Marxist.

Marxism is a methodology that is a means to an end - absolute power. It enables psychopaths (would-be monarchs, tyrants, dictators, etc) to exploit useful idiots and/or other sociopaths to completely destroy the existing culture presently in control of current and future resources.

It is easier and more "pure" for them to destroy the system and impose what they envision, than to modify and preserve. Hence the overwhelming of existing systems -- law enforcement, welfare support, education institutions, healthcare, etc.

Any system that is stabilizing the targeted culture should be attacked. Resistance to their wisdom will not be tolerated. Death by a thousand cuts.

When you begin to use this overarching view to lift the veil, you see it everywhere.

The Davos crowd will use this conflict to get the non-elites to embrace global governance. Resulting in a global plantation. A great life for the over-seerers and affirmation of their superiority. Not so good for the unworthy.

Banking cartels and facism also have non-trivial roles to play, but is another discussion.

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Another very interesting article, informative, short, concise and "right on the money". A situation happening right in front of our eyes that you guys have been warning about for some time. Thank you.

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Central Planning is bad enough by itself. Then our big, beautiful government appoints clueless apparatchiks like Janet Yellen. Listening to this exchange between Yellen and Senator Lankford is downright terrifying.


In case you haven't figured it yet, we're completely FUC$ED :-)

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We, as a nation, are in chaos. Caused by guess who. The people who do nothing, say nothing create nothing, but think they have the answer for everything. I look out my front door and it is the same every place I see. Chaos creates mayhem and mayhem creates bodies. Where will I hide? The answer is not to be found! Just sayin'

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Love the cup & handle formation breakout in XAUGBP, happy to have been accumulating last summer.

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Bill, Doesn't all this just follow their Grand Plan to destroy the working class and steal everything of value. I think there isn't anything to figure out anymore.You are right,2 classes,the deciders and the un-deciders.In the eleventh hour,maybe the undeciders become the deciders.

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I had lost your contact Glad to find it again. love the sarcastic but realist approach!

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