Since every central bank print money, all you need to stay in the system is to buy assets. Unfortunately bankers give a shit about workers! Here, in my country, Argentina, we have the rate poverty at 48%. 1 every 3 child have one meal at a day. The things you saw in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, in recoleta where you had dinner is a bubble about to crash into a tiny wall. Drugs are everywhere, and the poor people have no choice or hope to become in a better situation. Believe me, even if you have dollars, because many Argentinians have assets abroad, is not funny to see child asking for food or retired people living with the help of their son’s.

Best Regards from the reckonings of Buenos Aires, Pilar.

Is sadness to have a country full of opportunities, of raw materials as lithium, soybean, meat, energy, living like the worst country in the world.


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Hitler created a National Socialist German Workers’ Party. How clever he was. American democrats have either learned from Hitler or invented it on their own. Under the brand name Democratic Party they suck the life out of it. In Argentina Peron did the same. He figured that there are more voters among the poor or the lower middle class than there are in the other segment of the population.

It is amusing to see American elections and the ignorance and expectations of handouts by our voters. In case of Obama race came also into place. “Let’s vote, brother is running for the office” one would hear Al over town.

Expensive education keeps the ignorance at the right balance to serve the clever.

History is full of examples like that and it goes many years back. Keeping the mob under control has taken on different forms but the game is always the same.

When voters starts loosing faith in their elected officials and the entire process of election, anarchy Starts taking roofs. People give up on any moral standards with or without religion. There comes a time when the entire societal structure collapses. The western hegemony will be replaced with Asian but regardless of the direction of the wind, human nature may prevail in the destruction of its achievements. Is there a cure for this malignancy?

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I want to know who keeps lending money to Argentina? It should be obvious by now that it’s not a loan, it’s a donation.

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The friend, ‘life goes on,’ (in Argentina)

The cab driver, ‘but only if you have dollars.’

But how does life go on in the West without dollars??

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Hi Bill -

"Almost everyone spends pesos and keeps dollars."

To Americanize this at this pivitol point in time AND if one is paying attention:

"Almost everyone spends dollars and keeps 𝙂𝙤𝙡𝙙."

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Forget money (is our beat) and Greshman’s law. It’s an egghead view point. And backwards mostly.

The bigger (meta) physical force is that when we stop relating one to one understanding and solving (win win) each other’s needs, good I hide and free/bad I magnanimously give to you. Good drives out bad, of course, is backwards because corruption is the system…except for the few you trust (if you can). In an honest system we all throw away “the bad”…to each their own. All the more reason to turn to men of myth, say, Peterson to focus us clearly on “value”, not just money, is “trust”.

And equally obvious we follow BPR not because you write about money…our emails are stuffed with those narratives. We follow you because you write of everything else. You build trust slowly, day by day…and show that you are FOS…like we are.


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Don’t think anyone is going to cry for America, as Biden and his little Nazi’s pave our road to hell, all with the good intent of caring for the most psychotic, demented, Communist, American hating useful idiots. I don’t believe America’s demise will be as peaceful and well received as Argentina or Venezuela, due to the fact that most of their psychotic, demented, communist useful idiots have been sent to America. A few years from now, after our collapse, and many millions dead from within, A new plaque will be placed on the new “Statue of Stupidity” Give us your psychotic, demented masses, and meld them with our psychotic, demented democrats, and thank you all for making China great again…That 100% inflation and $30 steak dinner is looking pretty good😋

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Bill and Joel what an excellent scenario for what's gonna happen in All those western democracies that are so full of their own importance they still think the world listens or cares about all of their BS like selling M Jordan's old sneakers for over $3 mill .. yep that gives some indication but Argentina actually has an advantage since they are already close to bottoming out .. the rest are merely at the TOP of a BIG fall .. I wonder how long it will take to catch up to the Argentine's? How would a GOLD standard change any of that ? the Russian's are already offering gold backed Ruble so how long will it take the EU like Swizera or the Frogies Crauts Poles Dutch etc ? to follow suit?

yep all that gold (Krugerrands) Bill told us to buy back in 1971 may now be worth something !

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Good Morning Mr Bonner & Mr Bowman,

Jesse Unruh, speaker of the [D] California Assembly from 1961 to 1968, is credited with coining the phrase, “Money is the mother's milk of politics.” Like Peron, Jesse did the math.

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When criminals rule the land


In Latin America, tens of millions of people live in territories that are governed by outlaws — from powerful drug cartels to crime syndicates.

Much of this we already fathom, this bar chart contributes to visualizing a 1995-2020 timeline - https://knowablemagazine.org/do/10.1146/knowable-041223-1/feature/media/g-homicide-rates-latin-america.svg

Not much I care for was spouted by Vladimir Lenin “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” I do not know the attribution for this, though it seems right to me - “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing,”

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My last trip to the supermarket self-checkout lane experienced $6.50 overcharge on an $8.00 order. Keep your eyes open.

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The FRED chart from Mr Denning conveys a lot for me. Maybe some in government who skipped the chart reading class, who cannot understand what the FRED chart illustrates will read Bloomberg...

Tax Day Cash Will Indicate Just How Close US Is to Default - https://news.yahoo.com/tax-day-cash-indicate-just-100000046.html ...charts included, but that might confuse bureaucrats...

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This (rate hikes and financial stress) graphic caught my attention - https://goldseek.com/sites/default/files/inline-images/image-20230413174033-2.png

BPR subscribers have a distinct advantage with the talent and bonafides of readers who go down into the weeds with esoteric reports. I trust they will on these: The IMF released two of their flagship reports on Tuesday April 11 – the Global Financial Stability Report and the World Economic Outlook update. The opening chapters of the Global Financial Stability Report focus on the “fault lines” that have been exposed by the rapid monetary policy tightening by central banks.

This is a short-ish leisure read with (above reports) mentioned - https://www.commoditytrademantra.com/gold-trading-news/the-explosive-rally-in-gold-and-silver-prices-has-just-begun/?print=1

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Thankfully USA has Argentina on our economic aid list, always profitable to keep the socialist elite afloat.

I believe Hillary Clinton floated the idea of universal mandatory voting. That plays well with Democracy and free will.

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Can someone explain to me the value in the Pesos for the black-market buyers? Why are they not affected by the inflation and find it worthwhile to swap hard for soft currency? In Angola in the mid 1990s it was a state-sponsored system of extracting the countries foreign reserves (built from selling oil). Just wondering what the story is here?

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Well, that was excellent. I like nuts and bolts, common sense.

Today, I had a blow out; wheeled it into the tire store, they said they could mount the new tire to the rim but not on the car, no workers. It was 11am and they said they might close

You know the free stuff is getting absurd when no one works.

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