The reparations to blacks is another Napoleon tactic by our government, divide and conquer. Did anyone of the bright minds consider the fact what this action will do to divide America even further.

I doubt it.

Over the years Affirmative Action displaced many non black young men and women from achieving their goals because black kids received priorities at universities, many people were displaced from their position to accommodate blacks because of the color of their skin.

In one of the 60 Minutes shows a reporter asked black people why they isolate themselves in ghettos, why they experience poverty. The answer was the color of their skin. The reporter challenged them with Asians who have features that distinguish them from the so called white people and who prosper in America.

They’re was no answer. Who is guilty of the fact that Africa is a poor continent where the rulers are black? Did the black people who’s ancestors were slave owners ever faced the issue of reparations? fJapanese who were taken away everything during the war and placed in camps received

20,000 dollars per person. Did that solve the problem of humiliation? Did they return to the land of their ancestors?

America is a land of immigrants. I wonder what percentage of American population immigrated past the era of slavery. What was their contribution to slavery and why should they be victims of paying reparations to blacks.

America suddenly decided that there are two colors green and black, environment and blacks.

Was Obama elected president because he represented presidential qualities. People that never voted casted their ballot for their brother. Division, division, division that’s the motto of our leadership in the name of being re-elected and manipulate the mob for their own benefit.

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In a just world, this crap would backfire on Newsom.

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May 19, 2023·edited May 19, 2023

Last I checked, California is staring down the barrel of a $32 billion dollar deficit. That's a 14 year high baby!!! Ask yourself this: how did Gruesome and his gang of Jacobin Woketards come up with such a completely idiotic scheme? Too big too fail bailouts for Wall Street and Military Industrial Complex Forever Wars would be a good place to start. Guesome's problem is he doesn't have access to a printing press. Now elect this POS as POTUS and you'll have one rocking banana republic :-)

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Hi there Bill.

It's an interesting and somewhat absurd dilemma. Unfortunately, its one I've already lived through.

As a Kiwi who was bought up in the 60's and 70's we always though we had a good relationship with Maori people, the indigenous population. My grandfather was an industrialist and we employed a few thousand people , allot of them Maori, so I grew up exposed to the culture. We all got on quote well.

In the 1980's Mandela was busy freeing Africa. The Maori people took advantage of the momentum. Maori students, most of whom were less than 1/4th Maori were given highly preferential treatment. They leveraged their their preferential student loans to attend preferential law school places across the country and argued that they needed more. More of everything.

In fact the government of the time allowed itself to be blackmailed into handing over all the forestry, water rights, fishing rights, mineral rights, railways ...and the list goes on.

This was rather than face the World Court on trumped up racism charges abetted by none other than Mandela himself, who was sympathetic to the cause.

Not that the racism issue was an huge issue in and of itself, but the threatened sanctions on New Zealand produce exports if the action went forward, definitely was. Without exports , New Zealand had no income.

Of course the major assets of the country were already developed with taxpayer money or private enterprise, owned and paid for outright. But that did not stop the government confiscating them along with an additional huge sums of tax payer funds, you know, to help the Maori people get started on their new found course to billions.

Or, should I say, a group of Maori / lawyer lobbyists, were the recipients on behalf of "their people" However the newly minted billionaire lobbyists sold most of the these assets in short order to American Companies.

It was utterly appalling to watch and it split the social fabric of the country. The place has never recovered and starting the late 1980's , a flood tens of thousands of educated white graduates picked up stakes and moved to Australia or beyond. Every year. Few have gone back.

The population started shrinking so fast that the Government panicked and opened the floodgates to anyone who had a million dollars to invest in the country. What ensued was a half-million strong immigration from China, and a housing crisis , as they bought every house in sight. Central Auckland is now some 65% Chinese and that happened in just twenty years. The lowest price for a small clapboard house in Auckland, is well over a million dollars and has been for some time.

Oh and those Maori lobbyists? Last time I heard you'd have to make an appointment to see them somewhere in one of their their Swiss or Mediterranean retreats.

They don't live in New Zealand anymore either.

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Thanks for the heads up, Bill. I'm going to check my genealogy; there's got to be a black person, um, I mean African-American, in the woodpile somewhere.

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Since California had only been a part of the USA for less than twenty years when the slaves were freed, wasn't most of the enslaving done while it was part of Mexico and, previously, Spain. Let's make those two countries pay their "fair share". And how about requiring the people who want the reparations to move to those countries to get the money. That would be fun to watch...

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I would think that black Americans would be thankful their ancestors were brought out of Africa. I doubt if any black Americans would like to have been born in present day Africa. Maybe if the black Americans would get back to "basics"... family, (mother and FATHER), discipline, education, work, respect, they would be successful in America.

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As one who has recently started identifying as a descendent of black slaves, who may or may not have been sourced from California. I'm all in favor of CA taxpayers providing $15 million in reparations to my person. As an alternative I'd be willing to accept 40 acres with a mule located in the Hollywood Hills, or Beverly Hills. Did I ever tell you about the story where my ancestor was hunting for some grub? He was a poor mountain fellow who could barely keep his family fed.... $15 million would work.

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Perhaps reparations should be paid by the slave sellers that propagated the problem in the first place. That would be the tribes of Africa. Listen to Thomas Sowell’s insights

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If Newsom and the reparations folks really care about the evils of slavery, why don't they focus on eradicating slavery in 21st century California? Yes, California is a hub for slavery and human trafficking in the USA, mostly in the form of sex slavery. There could be as many as 400,000 human trafficked slaves in the USA today (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contemporary_slavery_in_the_United_States#:~:text=The%20practices%20of%20slavery%20and,those%20being%20women%20and%20children.). But no, what Newsom really cares about is becoming President (God, help us!) of the USA, and what the reparations people really care about is getting free money from the pockets of the taxpayers!

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Ahem! With regards to the Acronym AHWF to encapsulate, those folks that have been and continue to be thrown under the bus by so many, for so long..and given the fact that they are not only hard-working but hard-thinking.. about their life, their family, their future... Would it be a modest proposal to morph the acronym into one that might encapsulate this.

What would “ AH-WTF” be thought of as a new way to express a group that has been beaten up for way too long?

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Oh, I forgot to mention I moved away too. Sold my businesses and fled with my two young children as I didn't want them to have to spend their lives apologizing for being born white. ...back in the 90's and then to the US and guess what's happening here? ..............

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I think we should give repatriation money to every person who lived under slavery and is alive today.

Basically these politicians are f—-ing crazy .

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Dear Gov Newsome

Since our species emerged from Africa, I hereby demand to be identified by my African origin, not by my skin pigment.

But since my skin pigment is now treated with ignominy, I therefore demand a 50% surcharge to any reparations issued to people who have a decidedly Black skin pigment

Failing do so would be to reward discrimination, as I’m sure you are aware

Further, because of my advanced years, I want my money now but not in dollars; in gold

I look forward to your response

Jimm Roberts

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Bill, do these people believe their own BS or is it guilty conscience or something deeper like cockroaches.

Only in mention to people here (Vancouver, BC) about black reparations, they look at me with a perposterous look and dont believe me while, all around the city here there s about 1:10 Tesla's to all other automobiles, (government subsidy) saving the planet and all that. The irony of it all.

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Warm and Steve,

Thank you for responding to my comment. The numbers you are quoting are most likely government printed. People from Nigeria or Sudan many times have better education and better skills. They don't have programs to keep them impoverished. Our country has gone nuts over the issue of discrimination because they want to distract our attention on the real problem which is the inept government. The government is in the business of creating problems to manipulate us to their advantage and to keep voting them in. We do that very well and therefore they are confident that their manipulations work. Term limit is an essential solution but not the ultimate solution. Bringing up the nation would help in the elections where people don’t look at who is better dressed. It is my perception that stupid people vote for a stupid government and the game goes on.

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