Your comments are well-grounded.......however, Mr. Trump's remarks last night and his provocative, name-calling speech did little to extinguish the fires that rage in our country. Neither Trump nor Biden are fit to govern this country. Less rage, more sage is needed.

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While I appreciate your, mostly, well thought-out article I do also take considerable umbrage with some of your broad brush, sophomoric (almost infantile) characterizations (intended or not) of me and my family. Know that we do support many of the excellent policies of the ‘Make America Great Again’ former Trump administration, but we neither are “simpleminded” nor are we “not terribly bright”. The only slurry adjective left out appears also to be referencing us as part of those “deplorables”. You started out so well, but then unfortunately advanced “one bridge too far”. Tom

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The Democrats seem completely unconcerned about the mid-term elections. No President in history would have made a speech like Joe Biden made last Thursday just 2 months in front of a national election. Perhaps the fix is already in, the unsolicited mail-in ballots and voting machine software ready to go. All the polls need to show are “tightening races”, “gaps closing” for the results to be credible. We are already hearing those terms all over the country.

One more thing. The Democrats badly want(need) Trump on the ballot in 2024. He gives them two priceless electoral assets: 1)He exercises their base(into a frenzy), including their new institutional base, like no one else, and 2) he pushes everything else out of the news other than “him”.

I believe both of these things are key assets to a 2024 election steal, a 2020 2.0. Yes they could do it without Trump but he greases the skids for them like nothing else and makes the political machinations required so much easier(than say if DeSantis were on the ticket). So they won’t disqualify him for office or throw him in jail(for long), but they will keep everything whipped up into a frenzy concerning him, right up to Election Day 2024. They need him badly, and they know it.

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There's a difference in being a republican, and being a Trump supporter. But now they're lumped in all together. Making all republicans/Trump supporters/Independents who disagree with Biden-domestic terrorist. That's not true. Nor is the fact that Trump is a life long republican true.

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We're all missing the point. It's not Biden or Trump supporters that are the enemy--it's the entrenched government apparatus that has us at each other's throats, and the unequal application of law enforcement. Trump is a direct threat to government's grift, and a check on the military's penchant for overseas adventure. He's such a threat that the Deep State will unleash everything in its arsenal to stop his return. Doubt this? Explain the generals who disobeyed Trump's direct command to remove all troops from Syria, only for him (and us) to find out later that, no, they wouldn't be doing that.

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very insightful! how about an article exposing how invariably the accusations are accusing the opposition of the exact crimes which have been committed by the accusing party.

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Biden promised to bring the country together.

He promised to be a President for every American.

Seems to me that he broke this promise and proceeded to alienate half the country.

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I don't know if you've been in the country much during the last 6 yrs or so, but the MAGA folks are, in fact, a clear and present danger. They are constantly talking civil war and threatening violence whenever they feel they are not in control. They are putting policies in place to insure we have Republican controlled government by law and policy regardless of whether or not they truly win at the polls - and this is at every level of government from the local school boards to the various governors offices at the state level to the presidency at the national level. Bill, this country is quickly moving towards becoming a fascist state and, while I am no Biden supporter, his speech was spot on. And to your point about MAGA supporter not killing folks, you have a young man named Kyle Rittenhouse who killed two people in Wisconsin and you have two people who killed a black man in Georgia because of his race just last year. And there are scores of incidents going on nation wide every day that do not make the headlines. Wake up Bill! It's not liberals who are threatening violence, it's mostly Trump supporters. And they are a clear and present danger!

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As you often say, your beat is money.... But that was one of the best pieces you've ever written!

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Good ol Bob

I find it hard to swallow that one who claims to be anti whatever establishment is in power would position yourself against the most refreshing breath of anti establishment presidents to come along.

I suppose I am simple in many ways, mind included, but don’t appreciate you calling me out on it.

I am a Trump supporter and I hope we can have a leader come forward and exhibit the courage to continue pushing back against the wishy washy crooks on both sides.

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Well, Bill, it is easy to see where your heart is. You may not wear the MAGA hat, but you sure talk the talk.

The attack on the capitol is not propaganda. It happened. And it was not to secure the Constitution. It was to secure the fraud that was propagated by Mr. Trump. It was also to assassinate Vice President Pence. You suggest it was not to burn down the capitol, but it was to destroy our democracy and intimidate our elected representatives into allowing Trump to claim election victory. They might not have burned down the capitol. But let's put a yet at the end of that sentence. What or who was there to stop them from doing so? You are naive to think that this was not an attempt at a coup. Get real.

That is unacceptable. Biden called out Trump because he is a criminal who has made it very clear that he will stop at nothing to take back the presidency. He incited the mob that took over the capitol.

You suggest that you know the thinking of the mob that attacked the capitol. Excuse me but they were not there to uphold the Constitution. They were there chanting kill Pence. They were there to overturn a legal and fair election. That is not only illegal it is anti-American. We must put a stop to such illegal behavior and violence.

Democracy IS at stake. We must not allow violent assholes to take over our nation by force. That was and is what is happening with the MAGA mobs.

You quote Hitler. Hitler was wrong in most of what he did and said. But he was NOT wrong about the Bolsheviks. They were a major threat to Germany. They were a threat to all of Europe for that matter.

The Trump followers believe his lies and think they must overthrow our elected government to restore America to greatness. That comes directly from Hitler's playbook.

Biden's speech simply tells it like it is. He is not fooled by Trump's rhetoric. Trump is a clear and present danger to this nation. He exhibits the same character flaws as Hitler, megalomania/narcissism. He has the same designs on power that Hitler had. He is dangerous. Only the naive do not see him for what he is: The Man Who Would Be King.

Please get your mind around the fact that Trump is not our benefactor. He is a dictator who needs a nation to rule. He has proved he is a liar, cheat, and criminal. He refuses to admit defeat simply because he cannot allow anyone to be recognized as better than him. He does not care about our nation. He cares about Trump and only Trump. And if truth and the Constitution stand in his way, he will tear them down.

Do NOT underestimate Trump like the Germans underestimated Hitler.

Better to stop him before he stops democracy.

Biden called a spade a spade. If that hurts your feelings, Bill. Try to get over it.

What America needs is a genuine statesman.

We need someone who actually cares more about our nation than about election or re election.

Like you have said before: We get the government we deserve not the one we want.

Sad but true.

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Hmmmmm, lmao, middle age, simple minded, I have wandered into a plethora of ideas, mindsets and personalties.I have no doubt that an old, conservative, simpleton like me will find a uniform that will fit. Give me a beer tell me more things that I can fear. That is all I hear these days is fearmongering and fingerpointing. Bet God is proud of this bunch!!! Just sayin'..

Don Harrell

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The insane are running the asylum. The practical definition of “insanity” is ignoring reality — laws of the natural physical world and of human nature — and trying to live in a fantasy world (Marxism).

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Bill Bonner, you’re a nihilist,

a sheep in wolfskin’s clothing,

a dilettante, a terrorist,

whose brain is decomposing.

You criticize the left and right,

the center - and the French.

You take down everyone in sight.

Are you an Ubermensch?

I said it once, say it again:

suggest repairs, just once.

Be more constructive, if you can.

If not, you are a dunce.

Why don’t you do what you do best?

Write about boring weddings.

Give your acerbic pen a rest,

improve your verbal sleddings.

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Martin Armstrong hat tip:

"What can be the fundamental is anything from an expansion of the war in Ukraine to an indictment of Trump in this absurd political attack that the Democrats think will embolden people to vote Democrat. Lindsey Graham said this could lead to civil unrest and the press reported that as a THREAT so now lock him up and claim that was an insurrection as well.

Human nature never changes. If you want to see what the left will do and how they will do it, just look to China and Russia. They are playing out the very same strategy that ended in civil wars and the death of over 200 million people. This time they cheer that because they also want population reduction.

The slogans are the very same as those used in both Russia and China. In both cases, they claimed to be the "moral authority" to justify killing all who resisted in what became the great purge in both places. The left always seeks to DIVIDE the people and that is what this WOKENESS is all about. It is no longer a united people as Americans, but were are now all divided into segments and told the other is our oppressor. They also suppressed free speech to prevent opposition and here again we have the new "cancel culture" and anyone who disagreed with COVID restrictions was placing the entire world at risk and had to be silenced.

They are deliberately changing our very nature and culture. They are doing that in Europe forcing a central policy upon all and they are doing that here in America with all the demands of federalism using Abortion as one tool to attack even the religious culture of one region against another.

The rule of law has collapsed. The raid on Trump's home has been so demoralizing to the country and divisive, that the FBI has demanded redacting the names of the agents because they know the division they have created. They seem to want violence so they can justify fences and storm troops rounding up the evil ones who resist this cultural revolution the same as what took place in China and Russia.

The greatest enemy is NOT Putin nor is it Xi. America will fall from within. This is what is behind the computer forecasts. Opinion differs and this is not a time for personal opinions. All we can do is rely upon the computer to target when such events are possible.

September must be approached with both an open mind and open eyes. Something is unfolding in the wind and it is all about trying to retain power in Washington. Just like they had to get rid of Trump, this is a battle that they do not intend to allow anything to flip to the Republicans. This time, the failure of the Republicans to score a victory is perhaps what the computer is warning about in 2023 with a year of sheer chaos.

This will be a battle to the DEATH of Western culture and freedom."

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"They may not be terribly bright, but if MAGA Republicans are terrorists… "

Really Bill? This comment is WAY below your usually "high" standards...

PS - MAGA represents well over 50% of the Country. More like 70%-80%, but whose counting besides dominion machines and unmonitored "ballot boxes?"

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