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A Sunday Sesh with Bill

At home in the Irish countryside for a special weekend edition with Bill Bonner

Joel Bowman, checking in today from Youghal, Ireland…

Welcome dear reader to another Sunday Sesh, that time of the week where we solve the world’s problems – financial, political, economic, philosophical, etc. – one glass of Malbec at a time.

This week we write to you from Bill Bonner’s country residence here in rural, southern Ireland. The Emerald Isle is gorgeous this time of year, with lush, rolling pastures and hilltop copses stretching off into the distance.

Down by the back of the property runs the Blackwater River, up which the vikings once sailed… to pursue their “commercial endeavors.” If only these waters could talk.

Ruins lay scattered in and around the property, too, testaments to times long gone… a nearby abbey, a Norman tower, a Church of England cemetery, resting place of souls long since departed from this mortal coil.

We wonder what they saw, in times of plenty and of few… the famines, the struggles, the ceremonies along the way… births, baptisms, confirmations, weddings and death. This is a land with many a yarn to tell, and many an author and poet to tell them.

But let’s not get waylaid… we asked if you had questions for Bill, and you responded.

Gold… interest rates… dollar strength… Fed policy… Russian rubles… trust in governmental institutions, from Argentina to the Nordic nations to the US of A… you-name-it, your fellow readers asked it!

So before lunch today, we sat down with the man whose name is on the door, and put your questions (and a few of our own) to him. Please enjoy this special, in-person Sunday Sesh with Mr. Bill Bonner.

Also, feel free to leave comments below and, as always, like and share this Sesh with friends and foes alike.

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Joel Bowman

P.S. We’ll upload a transcript over the next day or two, which you’ll find in the Fatal Conceits podcast section at the top of the Bonner Private Research Substack page, right here.

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