The Day America Dies

Dear Reader,

Our founder, Bill Bonner, has given out only three major warnings during his half-century career.  This is his fourth.  It may  be his most important.

We’ve organized this presentation so Bill’s warning can reach a wider audience. You may see it elsewhere on the Internet. or even YouTube. And some of our colleagues in the publishing industry have asked if they can share it with their readers.

As one of our long-standing or current readers, you’ll be familiar with the key points in this message. But for many, these ideas and forecast will come as a shock. Why?

For our kids, it will be a very different America

What Bill sees now could be the worst crisis ever to hit the US…a combination of incompetence…out-of-control inflation…a stock market crash…a wipeout in the bond market…under-investment in the industries that we depend on…along with a horrendous power outage – followed by riots and revolution.


Bill’s presentation is called ‘The Day America Dies.’ He’s organized it into 16 chapters—designed to introduce unaware Americans to the threats they face to their wealth and liberty. He also introduces new readers to some our basic strategies for preserving and protecting what you have.

Feel free to watch the presentation if you like. Or share it with someone you think could benefit from it. We wanted to make you aware of its existence  before it reaches a wider audience. And explain why we decided it was so important to release it now.


Dan Denning

Bonner Private Research

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PS As you know, we haven’t done any advertising or marketing for Bonner Private Research. We’d rather focus our energy, full-time, on writing to you and helping solve the financial problems we all face. It’s a full-time job!

However, we believe that many Americans are unaware of the serious threats they face in the coming years. And if all we do is make them aware of some of those threats, we think it’s worth the effort. Being aware is an important the first step.

It’s only the first step, though. For savers, investors, and retirees, you have important decisions to make about how to protect and growth your wealth in the coming  years. We hope we can help, which is why we’re publishing Bill’s presentation here.