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Robert Marstrand on the Britshow

Robert Marstrand on the Britshow

Rishi Sunak becomes the UK's third Prime Minister in as many months, a look at Shakespearean politics from across The Pond...

And now for some more Fatal Conceits…

“I mean, look, you seriously couldn't make this stuff up and it really is banana republic stuff, frankly. It's embarrassing and they just need to get a grip.”
~ Robert Marstrand on the sorry state of British politics.

Welcome to another episode of the Fatal Conceits podcast, dear listener. In this conversation, Episode #75, we catch up with UK-born investor and fellow Argentine resident, Robert Marstrand.

Following his career as an investment banker at UBS, where he worked out of London, Zürich and Hong Kong, Robert joined forces with Nigel Farage to create UK Independent Wealth, a financial research service aimed at helping folks in the UK reclaim their financial independence. (Find out more about his work here.)

Over the course of a half hour or so, Rob takes us through the Shakespearean tragi-comedy that has been the past few months in UK politics… from the ousting of Boris Johnson… to Liz Truss’s spell as the shortest serving Prime Minister in the nation’s history… to the unelected appointment of Rishi Sunak… (or is it, as President Biden has it, “Rashi Sanuk”?)

Thrills and Spills

As with all such soap operas, there’s plenty of betrayals, backstabbing and upsets along the way… from the death of a monarch to generation-high inflation to plenty of turmoil in the markets, including a near catastrophe in the UK bond market… and a very embarrassing situation for the Bank of England itself…

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